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The packaged arrive today - very pleased! We are looking for the right pattern to use for the Glory yarn. We will be in contact soon for yarn for another scarf.  Wonderful experience and love your story.  Tennessee, USA

"Hi, I received your fiber today and it is incredible!!! The staple length is excellant, the roving is so clean and I love the colors! I will definitely be back for more!  Thank you so much."  -  Maine, USA

"Thank you for your previous information about the fleece and shearing.  I received the fibre this morning and it's beautiful! I'm sure I'm going to enjoy spinning this!  And thank you for the sample fibre, the colour is really lovely and it's so soft.  Once I've had a go at spinning the fibre I'll no doubt get back to you before you do the shearing to see what will be available.  Thank you"  - France

"Hello! I'm a hand spinner and natural fiber fanatic, my current favorite spinning fiber is Alpaca. However, I have a small sample of Vicuna (which I love) and would like to obtain some Paco-Vicuna raw fleece to spin. ……….Since researching Vicuna, I have become wary of purchasing the vicuna fiber, as the origins aren't always clear. I think the Paco-Vicuna would be a perfect substitute. ………  Wow! Both fleeces are gorgeous; I just finished separating one of them.  It had very little vegetable matter. The guard hairs are lovely as well, a really beautiful golden color.  Thank you!"   - Georgia, USA

" I learned about paco-vicunas after my friend was talking about vicuna yarn. I googled vicuna yarn to see if I could find cheaper vicuna yarn and that's how I stumbled across your lovely yarn . I  learned about paco-vicunas through your website and decided I had to get some yarn for myself………….The yarn samples are beautiful. I had to spend the entire day thinking which one I wanted.  I couldn't stop staring at Blessing's yarn. I can see why it is your favorite! The color is indeed beautiful and it does seem to glow. I can't wait to knit with it!  ………….. I received the yarn today. Its sooo beautiful and soft! Wow. .....Does this skein need to be washed before I start knitting?   ....Omgoodness. The yarn is even more lovely after the wash. I didn't think that could be possible!"   - California, USA

"The yarn safely arrived yesterday. It is beautiful!!!  At the moment I don't even want to knit it up, just play with it.  Thank you so much for the photos of the paco-vicunas. They are soo cute and it makes the yarn feel very special knowing where it came from. My little one knows which colour is from which animal. He says:"That's from Athena, isn't it mummy, the really pretty one?" It is very cute.  I will send you a photo of the jumper which I will make from it."   - Australia

"My background is in anthropology/archaeology and I've been interested in vicuna fiber since learning about the silky textiles found in Incan royal tombs. It's exciting to get my hands on some of your paco-vicuna, which I found through a google search. Vicuna is too expensive for my purse, but I'm thinking that your paco-vicuna will be an excellent substitute. I can't wait to spin it up!..................I just wanted to let you know that the yarn I made out of Cassandra's fiber was a big hit at the Fiber Fling last weekend. I had several types of unspun fiber on display at my vendor booth, including the samples that you sent me. Everyone ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the paco-vicuna fiber and the yarn that I had made. There are a lot of people out there who now know how wonderful paco-vicuna is.  Everyone agrees that it's heavenly!"   - Ohio, USA

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