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·        Paco-vicuna fiber comes in six shades - Natural White, Beige, Golden, Vicuna, Dark Vicuna, and Mahogany. 
·        There are two types of fiber - traditional and suri. Suri is rare.
·        Traditional fiber has crinkle rather than crimp. 
·        Fiber is extremely light weight and lofts nicely.
·        Desired micron count ranges from 13 – 20 and is sustainable through out the life of the animal.
·        Fiber can be processed by commercial mills producing roving, yarn, fabric, and finished items. Fiber lengths from 1 ½ to 6 inches can be processed.
·        Secondary hairs are present and keep the fiber from matting. Once shorn, the secondary fibers can be removed during commercial milling or by hand picking.
·        Extreme density enables the fiber to stay clean.
·        Sells from $20 – $70 an ounce depending on micron count.
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